3 Most Commonly Ignored Rules When Designing a Logo

Logo design is one of the important part of any business or brand. It involves a creative and systematic approach to create your brand with the use of images, symbols or words that make it standout within different business brands. Logo is your business identity that make people remember your business.

It is visual communication and matter of different ideas and concepts. It is a symbol used for commercial purposes and organization to promote instant public recognition. Let us have a look on the 3 most commonly ignored rules by designers while designing a logo:

1. Using a Horrible Font

The Font of the logo is important part design a logo. The font should relate to the business for example you could not use western-style fonts for a corporate business logo it will not make any sense where you have your brand should be simple and understandable to many. In short, always use fonts that can considered as appropriate for the business

2. Making A Complex Design

Occasionally, you could have designed a logo that is more complex to understand the business that could hurt business visibility because it is possible people cannot remember you logo. Most of the times client require simple and memorable you need educate the client if they request a complicated logo. Again a perfect logo is one the one that explain your brand and doesn’t have any unnecessary complexity or jargon. If logo is not what client needs, how the company or industry of client show a good impression.

No doubt, as a professional designer you have skills and abilities of creating a perfect design but your customer don’t know how much professional you are. They just needs a perfect logo of their likes.

3. Ignoring Customer’s Requirement

I would consider this one of most common mistakes people intentionally or unintentionally. Do not go for creating any design before clearly outlining the customer requirements. Communicate with the customer; ask his/her requirements; Ask why he/she needs this design? What is the purpose of design? Ask possible questions, it will definitely help for designing the client’s needs.

In case if you do not discuss the requirement and you just start making the logo, the end-result will not be as effective as client needs this may lead you losing a contract or redoing the logo again


What we have concluded?

Keep the logo simple, clear and meaningful. Keep this in mind as you develop your logo design: stay calm and think what end-user wants. Ask the right Questions from your client, it will definitely help a lot in logo designing.

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