How A Good Design Can Help SEO and PPC?

Maybe you’re wondering how design can improve ROI for search engine optimization (SEO) and pay per click (PPC) but does not give much of an effort while doing it. As you finish reading this blog post, you will get some idea on how you can enhance SEO and PPC with help of more optimized designs.
The design of the website is one of the crucial part for getting your web pages being ranking well. Let us look at some of the tips for improving your SEO with design:

1. Interface and Layout

The design or interface of your website should have to be simple and understandable for the users. The contents on simple and understandable interface will not take much of a visitor’s time and they can more spend time exploring the web pages. A too complicated design will put hurdles for search engines to parse the content of your site and might decrease your PPC When client come to your website, he/she first observe the interface and it can enhance your PPC and SEO. Remember, your website’s design and layout gives impression about the site.

2.  Color Scheme

The choice of colors should be proper, do not use an excessive amount of colors for your website color scheme because they may lead to unbalanced color scheme which could make the entire website distracted and unfocused to the reader. A color combination of two to three colors, not more than two colors should be optimal. Improper mix of shading may affect your PPC.

3. JavaScript and CSS

Try to use CSS in your site so that programs on website load faster as compared to excessive of JavaScript or flash-based contents. Use JavaScript or flash only if needed or do not have other option to get the functionality you need. Do not use frames because they are enemies of search engine and vice versa. Use fewer advertisements in light of the fact that an advertisement uses JavaScript, which may increase the loading time of site.


Here is again, what we have achieved?

Design is usually overlooked when people do SEO or PPC that could greatly increase ROI if did with some care. A simple and well-design website is the best bet for your visitors because when they move around your website they will easily find what they are looking for. Creating your web pages and graphic related element such as banners, headers, call to action box with end user in mind and understand what end-user really need is the best design practice for search engine optimization and it is the most ideal approach.

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