How Do I Know If My Website is Mobile Optimized?

How Do I Know If My Website is Mobile Optimized?

When you go online, you are either on mobile, desktop or even iPad. By using three types of devices while going online may notice different layout for the same website. Many website developers do not take care about mobile-friendliness of the website and do not account it as important factor? This way you will increase bounce rate of your website when visited via mobile device or iPad. Because, it is possible your website cannot seen properly.


What is Mobile Optimization?

Mobile optimization is the way toward guaranteeing that guests who get to your site from smartphones have an ordeal upgraded for the device. You as a website owner, it is your responsibility to make sure your website satisfy the users who come to your website using mobile devices and let them easily interact with your website.


How to Test If Your Website is Mobile-Optimized?

1- Mobile-Friendly Test

You can test mobile-friendliness of your website using a tool offered by Google for your website where you can easily check whether your website is Mobile Optimized or not. Here is how you can check your website:

  1. Simply paste the URL of your website into space as shown below, and then click “Run Test.”
  2. If your website passes the test, you will see a green message and this page is mobile-friendly.
  3. If it does not pass, the message will be red and say not mobile-friendly.

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