Why a More Visual Banner Ad Get More Clicks with PPC than a Textual Banner?

Have you ever imagined how we can make banners in such a way that takes attention of the readers and how it can play a key role in the world of online advertising. Online today advertisement today have many forms but banner ads has its own place. Let’s take a look how banner-ad gets more clicks with PPC than textual.

What is banner Advertisement?

Banner advertisement is an advertisement displayed on your webpage. Banner ads can be visual or textual it depends on you but a visual banner advertisement attracts more readers than textual ones because they can deliver a point more quickly and user don’t have to make much effort in in understanding the whole point of a banner content. It can help people understand information they are looking for in a better or more attracted way. Banner ads contents can have both animated or static elements, but image-based banners are the most commonly used type of banner advertisement.

Visual Banner Vs Textual Banner?

Visual Banner advertisements are extremely impressive and attractive approach to set up brand personality. It shows your business/brand and create a picture in the eye audience to make you standout with help brand colors and work photos so they will understand what you do in matter of seconds. A picture tells thousands words a banner can be used in a way to let your audience memorize your brand with help of a visual banner. That’s why banner ads are a lot more lucrative than text ads. Visual banner ads get more space than textual and they are visually pleasing and appealing than text link ads when placed somewhere online.

If we analyze visual banners in terms of ROI then yes it attracts more customers and increases overall traffic of the website. It helps more with your PPC in getting more click for your website than campaign setup with a textual banner. Since, they are more visible to the audience and get noticed instantly. If you did a great animation and used image well then it will result in much better increased traffic of your website.

Why not Textual Banner ads?

  • You’re losing a point because they are boring could remain unnoticed
  • They could affect your traffic, profit and decrease ROI of you PPC campaign.
  • With millions of competitors online whom are doing same for pulling customers you just a few seconds in order to make someone into a visitor then to a customer and textual banner could take a lot more of their time and won’t be best bet.


Here is again, what we have concluded ?
Definitely, banner ads are more profitable. Almost all the SEO designers and beginners can easily put banner on their sites and successfully attract the visitor’s attention. As far as banner ads, well, those are the best choice. They increase your traffic and leave a better impression about your brand.




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